Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Flo Huckfield Trophy — The Meritorious Catch Cup

This is the 'Flo Huckfield Trophy' which dates back to 1962! 

It was stopped many years ago but is now being reinstated and what a cracking looking trophy it is — very unusual and old school. 

It will be a little different to other awards as this will be awarded for a catch of merit. Chosen by the club committee at the end of the season. It may be a 3lb roach or a 6oz roach, a 15lb carp, zander or barbel. The story is all important so if its an unusual capture or you endured great hardship to land it all will be considered. We feel this could be a very interesting award going to anyone and for catching almost anything! 

Again, just a photo (ideally with you in it but not essential, in the net/mat with a float next to it or something for scale) and report it to the website or Facebook page with the usual details. 
Best of luck, and get out there!


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