Sunday, 7 July 2013

Tackle Wreckers and The Black Death at Saxon Mill

Danny Everitt with an Avon eel

It's great to see eels back on the river angler's daily menu after their calamitous decline over the past decade. The Avon is throwing up loads of the wriggly tackle wreckers of late and it seems if you fish meaty baits it's certain that at some point you'll regret it!

From the Saxon Mill new club member Andy 'Pike King' Johnson was 'lucky' enough to get into a right old state with a 2lb eel a fortnight ago on his very first trip to the club's waters, then just the other day and from the same venue Danny Everitt had a real river specimen at two-pounds seven-ounces, which is about average for a landlocked lake dweller but is a pretty damned big eel in a river.

Caught at Tramps Corner, it took a liking to Mr Everitt's luncheon meat, but was by his account calm and well behaved, even managing a self-take picture of it and that's no easy thing!

But then he hooked a bootlace who destroyed his hooklink...

And then had a bit of cormorant trouble which made the rest of his day nigh on impossible.

We don't like them and they certainly don't like us —the only answer to the 'Black Death' is anglers on the banks so get out there and fish our club's excellent river stretches!

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