Monday, 8 July 2013

Hard Graft at the Mill

The club would like to thank associate members Stoneleigh AC for their bank work efforts at Saxon Mill over the weekend. 

Despite it being the hottest day of the year they made an excellent effort clearing approximately 10 pegs to the left of the footbridge up to the horse field opposite. They intend to return in 2-3 weeks and continue the hard graft. 

Reports from the guys were of fish topping absolutely everywhere and some dark shadows gliding along margins! 

Also a report from two members of roach catches of 5lbs + from the Avon Street stretch.



  1. Thanks for the work guys we also need to patrol our waters more as I have seen and challenged quite a few eastern europeans on our river stretches all of them could not produce a club book.
    So if we challenge them and make our presence known we can keep them away from our waters. regards jc.

  2. Good work JC. The waters need members to be vigilant, Without challenging they'll just take what they want, with a reminder they need to buy in to the club to fish they won't be too bothered, won't get shirty, mark the water down as patrolled and not come back.